Sunday, May 18, 2008

Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development Website

I also created the design for the website for the Doha Institute while working with the Center for Community Support at Texas A&M. This organization helped to create Global FAMIS. I learned a lot on these projects, especially when working with so many people around the world to come up with a design that everyone was happy with!

A great experience!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Website presented at UN!

We are thrilled that our website, created in conjunction with the Center for Community Support was presented at the United Nations last week!

Global FAMIS is a "unique web-based library of family-supportive research: the Global Family Matters Information System (FAMIS). The Global FAMIS serves as a publicly accessible electronic archive of data and bibliographic resources on the sanctity and defense of family, marriage, parenting, and children as well as law, public policy, and advocacy affecting the natural family around the world."

I had a blast working with Kash Krinhop to come up with this design, know that this site would eventually be used around the world to support the institution of the family.

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